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There’s something about Chanel’s nail colour collection that makes it more coveted than others. Perhaps it’s the lusted-after identity that one embodies with an effortless stroke of a brush? That taste for affordable luxury. Perhaps, whenever a new colour collection is released, the hype that surrounds justifies the price and exclusivity, which in turn, encourages you to take the plunge – indulge? I’m not too sure what it is exactly, but I must say, Chanel really creates colours that I WANT to be wearing, NEED to be wearing.

For example, when Particulière came out you could find comparable dupes everywhere – it was a taupe explosion! And yet, I couldn’t find anything nearly as perfect as Chanel’s version of a milky, hot cocoa for the nails and so the next minute I was spending $39 on a nail colour. The same can be said for June. During Summer, almost every nail company released their version of a sunny, fresh shade fit for toes that run across hot sand. However, none so, conveyed that perfect glow like June. A little bit sherbet and a whole lot of sorbet, June encapsulated (in a pretty glass bottle) the giddiness of eating citrus fruits and rockmelon on a sticky summer’s day. And so here I am: smitten, posting photos and declaring my love for this shade.

I can’t help but fall for the creative direction that goes into the development of a Chanel Le VERNIS collection. If I could afford it, I would attempt to own almost every colour of the collection and display them proudly on my dresser. In my opinion, they really hit the nail on the head by creating the most wanted nail colour of the season, each and every time.

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light reading

As much as I enjoy the enriching experience of reading a quality novel, I’ve come to the unfortunate realisation that with the expansion of technology into our everyday lives, these days I rarely take the time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book (which happens to be one of my favorite pastimes). But one must adapt to change, and so to satisfy my inner bookworm I always try to pick up a copy of my favourite magazines, which never fail to offer quality, light reading.

I like to keep the latest magazines that I buy next to my workspace for a quick source for inspiration, especially when my eyes start to tire from surfing the internet. They act as Clear Eyes for my creative vision (heh heh). Underneath I store all my treasured coffee table books – mostly beauty related, of course! There’s always a spare moment when I feel like flicking through Kevyn Aucoin’s fantastic book Making Faces, even if it is to just mull over his undeniable brilliance with a makeup brush.

To finish off my growing pile of inspiration, I always like to have a copy of IKEA‘s latest catalogue for days when my workspace just doesn’t have the right “feng shui” to assist my creative flow and needs tweaking – those pages are bursting with organisational ideas!

The beauty of this growing pile of light reading is that it doubles as an easy-access stand for your everyday essentials. It’s proving very handy for storing my Jordan Askill ring, which I wear everyday, and a couple of nail colours that I’ve had on rotation. My favourite scent, Gypsy Water by Byredo, gracefully sits on top to set the collection off. Gypsy Water always manages to bring a smile to my dial with even the smallest spritz, whether it’s before a dinner-date, after a warm shower, or even if it’s just to snuggle up for some light or intense reading.

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where it all begins


my go-to essentials to enter the studious life: the gentlewoman | visual art diary and 4B pencil | wrangler jeans and country road shirt | tom ford sunglasses | nars laguna | ysl nails and lip stain | byredo gypsy water parfum | nars the multiple in cocopacabana | chantecaille just skin | laura mercier caviar stick in khaki

It’s already week 3 of my first year of University, and it’s only moving faster. This is my first year studying the degree of Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication Design. So far it’s steadily building up to prove itself as a pretty hands-on and professional course. Everything I’ve learned is either really relevant for today or seems relevant for when I will graduate as a Graphic Designer.

I’m still a newbie on Illustrator (and pretty much all of the design-magician’s-bag-of-tricks, commonly known as the Adobe Suite). But what’s helping me is one of my tutor’s teaching strategy of “WAX ON, WAX OFF!”. She refers to herself as Mrs Miyagi, and likes to ensure that we learn our program’s short cut keys through repetitive practice - over and over and over. It seems really redundant and pointless, yet I can definitely see a huge improvement in my speed.

What this post is really about, however, is that I’ve moved on to a new chapter of my life (cue cliche music here). I’m a long-time blogger, but I feel I have outgrown my previous blog and so this new blog will be the beginning of my journey as a fashion-enthusiast graphic designer.

Keep reading to follow the series of steps and creative adventures ( and possible tribulations but hopefully limited!) one must endure to learn what it takes to join the design field.

And remember…