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it’s a classic!


As I continued my long-time search for the perfect cardigan – not too warm yet not too cool, a blend predominantly made of wool yet not itchy, oversized yet thoughtfully draped, you get the idea – I climbed the stairs of the one-stop shop for all things classic, Country Road.

The moment you walk into a Country Road store, you feel at ease. It’s as though everything on your mental list of essential basics has been assembled and styled on racks, just for you. Countless hours of sifting through large department stores in search for that perfect white shirt have been saved for you. Instead, you’re presented with not just one great option of that ideal shirt but possibly three, in varying shades of white and cuts to suit the individual.

With the amount of coordination, style and flair that goes in to their collections, the process is perfectly complimented by the store layout. After an Autumn knit? Head towards the right where the customised warmer colour palette begins, and you’re presented with an array of knits: chunky, loose, fitted, light, textured, etc. And there it was. That’s where I spotted it. My perfect sweater, wooing me with its plush wool/cotton/cashmere blend, gentle drape and sexy navy colour. So simple, I could have almost not given it a second glance but the way it was sensibly styled back with classic black, straight-legged jeans, I immediately envisioned it settling in nicely with my current wardrobe, almost like it was always there.

That’s when I realised the beauty of my current wardrobe. It’s been so carefully culled from past years, when I’d weigh it down with fast-trends, nasty cuts and impulse purchases that nowadays, it’s just a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a contending item of clothing. With my collection down to only the basics and a few pieces unique to my style, I am able to mentally calculate the value of a new item by how well it will go with what’s at home. If something doesn’t mesh well with my most worn items – black tailored trousers, ink-blue skinny jeans, white linen shortsnavy blazer, khaki jacket, white T-shirts, button-up long-sleeved blouses in unique but timeless prints, etc. then it definitely doesn’t have a place in my wardrobe, as these items are in for the long-haul.

I can safely say that my new navy sweater is here to stay. The colour is not quite as stark as the often opted for black, but deep enough in tone to transcend into the zone of sensuality and elegance. It works perfectly with every piece in my wardrobe as it softly drapes whichever way you tell it to – obedient clothing, now that’s an idea…Not to mention my boyfriend gave it the thumbs up, which is always a plus! And to top it off, I wore it for the first time today and somebody commented how lovely the colour was on me. Win!


Daring, but I’ve been thinking of purchasing it in this lovely bright colour too:

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the unpacking of a diptyque candle

There’s nothing more luxurious than indulging in a scented candle. It’s the perfect gift for the person that has everything, yet at the same time, as someone who wants a lot of things they can’t have, I’m finding it a very rewarding gift to one’s self.

After almost a year of deliberating over which scent to choose from Diptyque‘s extensive, yet finely-tuned range of scented candles, I was lucky enough to resolve my indecision by swiping up the last box set of these Limited Edition Winter Collection mini candles from my local Mecca store. With their smaller size, I can now burn all three (separately, of course – unless in combination they create something magical?!) until there’s no more wick, and by then will know for sure which one I will opt for in a larger size. That is, after a long year of saving my shrapnel as they are quite pricey – painful to buy but worth every penny.

After only an hour of burning Feu De Bois, I think I’m already sold on the idea of buying it in a larger size. It truly is wood fire in a glass jar. The kind of smell that surrounded you as a child during winter nights spent with the family, curled up and armed with some hot cocoa while daddy tells stories that cause everyone to giggle in song. While the flame licks the essential-oil-infused wax, the creamy smoke aroma conjures thoughts that warm your body and sooth your soul (heh heh). If magic were a candle it would smell like this.

I wanted to document the unpacking of these candles in a series of photos for you all, so here it is – the unpacking of a Diptyque candle, followed by its introduction and settling-in to my workspace.

Note: one must compliment a winter-themed scented candle with ginger nut cookies and tea :)

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light reading

As much as I enjoy the enriching experience of reading a quality novel, I’ve come to the unfortunate realisation that with the expansion of technology into our everyday lives, these days I rarely take the time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book (which happens to be one of my favorite pastimes). But one must adapt to change, and so to satisfy my inner bookworm I always try to pick up a copy of my favourite magazines, which never fail to offer quality, light reading.

I like to keep the latest magazines that I buy next to my workspace for a quick source for inspiration, especially when my eyes start to tire from surfing the internet. They act as Clear Eyes for my creative vision (heh heh). Underneath I store all my treasured coffee table books – mostly beauty related, of course! There’s always a spare moment when I feel like flicking through Kevyn Aucoin’s fantastic book Making Faces, even if it is to just mull over his undeniable brilliance with a makeup brush.

To finish off my growing pile of inspiration, I always like to have a copy of IKEA‘s latest catalogue for days when my workspace just doesn’t have the right “feng shui” to assist my creative flow and needs tweaking – those pages are bursting with organisational ideas!

The beauty of this growing pile of light reading is that it doubles as an easy-access stand for your everyday essentials. It’s proving very handy for storing my Jordan Askill ring, which I wear everyday, and a couple of nail colours that I’ve had on rotation. My favourite scent, Gypsy Water by Byredo, gracefully sits on top to set the collection off. Gypsy Water always manages to bring a smile to my dial with even the smallest spritz, whether it’s before a dinner-date, after a warm shower, or even if it’s just to snuggle up for some light or intense reading.

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the budding collection

Since my last post I’ve handed in my first 4 pieces of assessment for the year, have had a reshuffle of housemates and managed to get Appendicitis, resulting in a tummy-turning surgery. It’s day 4 since the surgery and I’m still finding it difficult to sit upright in a chair for longer than 10 mins, so I’m writing this post from the comfort of my bed.

Before this Easter break, I had taken some photographs of everyday things that surround me, which I find beautiful because of what they bring to my life. One of these lil’ beauties, which has been a long-time love for me, is a quality notebook. Over the years my days have been compiled and enriched with the organising hand of either a red of black, tightly-bound hardcover Moleskine diary. A year without one feels like a year without drive and purpose, creativity and pursuit.

And so, through the introduction of the classic diary, I began to build my collection in to softcover lined and non-lined notebooks, hardcover watercolour pads, and palm-sized note jotting pads, which are perfect for recording the little thoughts that pop into my head on a daily basis. I’ve got my sights set on expanding this collection into larger format sketch pads and I wouldn’t mind trying the iconic brand’s writing equipment. I’ll make it a goal to fill the pages of what I already have, and once I do, I’ll reward myself with some new Moleskine pens and pencils.


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a day in the life of a uni student

Settling into university isn’t just about remembering your timetable or your tutor’s name, it’s about discovering everything that the experience has to offer. This includes the grounds – your everyday surroundings.

I’ve been easing off the looming stress of piling assignments by roaming the grounds, taking in the sights and inhaling the fresh air. It’s a beautiful university, really. Not only is it right in the city but it’s also skirted by an impressively constructed manmade beach, which can really seem quite magical on a day of clear-blue skies with a shore lined by ice-cream clad strollers. Streets of quirky cafes and speciality stores coil and curl around the study blocks, combining the concepts of learning, knowledge and culture all in an exciting dynamic.

I wanted to capture the tiny moments of beauty that occur between my classes that make my days at uni less ordinary and more substantial. These are only iPhone quality snaps but I feel they capture special moments that occur during my days.